What Is The Difference Between Dyes & Pigment?

I have seen a lot of Textile Engineers who are confused about the difference between dyes and pigments.

There are some basic differences between dyes and pigments from which you can be clear about the main features of these two.
  1. Dyes are the material which can be applied on the fabric or yarn surface and shows color visible to they human eyes in the presence of light. Dyes can be found in liquid and solid forms. And on the other hand; Pigments are colored, white or fluorescent particulate organic and inorganic solids which usually are insoluble in water and physically, chemically unaffected by the substrates in which they are incorporated.
  2. Generally Dyes are soluble in Water. Pigments are 100% insoluble.
  3. Dyes are composed of Organic substances. Pigments are organic and inorganic materials.
  4. Dyes materials have three components; these are – Chromophor, Auxhochromo and Chromogen. Other end; pigments have two parts like Chromophore and chromogen.
  5. Dyes are selectively applied. Pigments can be applied to all fibers.
  6. The fastness properties of Dyes are good. Fastness property of Pigment is average.
  7. Dyes are widely used in Dyeing. Pigments are widely used in Printing.
  8. Dyes are comparatively expensive. Pigments are comparatively cheap.
  9. difference between dyes and pigments
  10. A long period is needed for dyestuff to be applied. Pigments need lower time to be applied.
  11. Dyes have direct affinity to fibers. Pigment has no affinity to fibers. Pigments need other modifier to increase affinity to textile fibers.
These are the basic difference between dyes and pigments.

Tie Dye | An Exclusive Dyeing Process of Textile

Tie Dye in textile dyeingIntroduction of Tie Dye:

Now a days different dyeing techniques are used to color a fabric with various design; but tie dye is best to all of them. Tie dye has been used for 6000 years. Tie dye not only used to color the normal t-shirts but also used to folding it attractively. And most important fact is that; this Dye is easy to use and takes little time to grab the using techniques.

How can I use tie Dye?

Tie dye is very easy to use. Just take some steps to choice the t-shirts which will be dyed and good dyestuffs. But before knowing the tie dye using techniques we should know the necessary materials which we have to familiar with.

Necessary Materials of Tie Dying:

1. Firstly we should manage a T-Shirts which will be good for applying tie dye.
2. Bringing suitable and good conditioned tie dye.
3. A bowl on which the dying process will be carried out.
4. A gloves or clothes which will cover your hand.
5. Elastic Band, to create the effect on t-shirts by tie dye.
6. Fixing elements like Sodium Carbonate.

Tie Dyeing Process:

Step 1: It is the pretreatment process. Before applying the Tie Dye it is recommended that, you must have to remove all of the natural impurities or any other chemical exists in the T-Shirts or the goods which you will dye.
Step 2: After all of the existing impurities from the clothing surface it should be dried.
Step 3: Now use Elastic Band or Various String to make effect on the garments. To do it just lay the garments on a table. Fold it from the edge or wherever you want to create effect. Then dye with string or rubber band as per folding direction.
Step 4: Now put the dyed garments in a container with hot water where Sodium Carbonate is dissolved. This process goes about 20 minutes.
Step 5: Dry it about 24 hours and make sure it is washed well again before using.
If you have any doubt more to using Tie Dye than you can follow the tie dye manufacturers’ instructions. It will assist you more I think.




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